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Step 1: Please READ ALL Membership TERMS & CONDITIONS below.

Step 2: Please complete our Membership Contract.

This contract can be completed online or in-salon! Please let us know if you have any further questions we can answer!


This agreement by and between The Beaux Monde Salon & Spa, LLC. (Hereinafter known as TBM, Salon, Spa) and the undersigned (Hereinafter known as Client, Member, Guest), is for the purpose of providing the client the utmost flexibility, savings and convenience in Salon and Spa services provided by TBM. Client hereby agrees to read fully the terms and conditions as set forth below:

Members receive savings, of determined value per membership, in exchange for frequent visits and patronage to our salon establishment. TBM memberships are for service maintenance purposes, with determined hours awarded for each membership and provided in specific increments of duration. These member services and times may ONLY be used by the named and signed Member and by no other individual.

Members receive an additional 10% off all other salon or spa TBM services.

Members receive an additional 10% off all other salon or spa TBM professional take home (retail) products.

Members additional service discounts may apply to family members under the age of 18 living the home of the signed member.

Membership term is 12 months from the date of enrollment.

Members can cancel at any time, see detailed cancelation information below.

Membership registration must be completed in full by completion of a digital or paper version of this contract in addition to the purchase of the Membership via the TBM POS system in salon or online.

Additional documentation such as but not limited to TBM Service History Forms, Guest Care & Consent Form, Minor Release Form, and completion of a TBM online Guest Profile including payment information may be required for membership enrollment.

TBM may terminate this contract at any time with or without cause.


Member services and service time allowances are restricted to the specific membership in which they are enrolled.

Additional services or service times outside of the membership allowances requested by client and performed during client’s service, will be billed to client separately and paid for at time of service.

Clients agree to use reasonable judgment in determining their Membership service needs and understand that all services are subject to safety limitations for frequency and duration.

TBM reserves the right to refuse service if performing the service jeopardizes the safety & wellness of our client or staff member.


Memberships DO NOT INCLUDE standing appointments. Applicable membership services will be provided to the client by TBM upon request, booked by client online, by call or text or in-salon. It is recommended that members book reservations in advance, up to two appointments at a time.

Memberships DO INCLUDE priority booking, in which TBM will accommodate members first for appointment times in high demand.

TBM will book clients to the best of its ability in scheduling membership appointments and services with the clients preferred salon/spa professional artist and/or time of client’s choosing. However, in the event such request is unavailable due to staffing, or scheduling conflicts, client hereby agrees to allow alternate salon/spa professionals to perform Membership services for their visit. TBM will attempt to notify and accommodate clients in such re-scheduling situations, to facilitate client’s Membership preferences.

All membership monthly rates and additional fees must be current for the client to book and receive membership services, additional services not listed in their membership agreement, and to receive their member discounts with product purchases.

Members are required to give 24 hours’ notice of SERVICE cancellations. Member service cancellations within the 24-hour window forfeit the reserved membership service booked. The service ticket will be processed removing the cancelled time from the membership service allowance for that billing cycle.

Membership services reset each month with the new billing cycle and do not roll over for later use. 

Memberships can be upgraded at any time. Prorated charges may apply.


Client hereby authorizes The Beaux Monde Salon Spa to bill Client’s credit card/debit card or ACH account on file, for the one-time enrollment fee associated with the selected Membership and the first month’s membership fee, at the time of registration.

Client hereby authorizes The Beaux Monde Salon Spa to bill Client’s credit card/debit card or ACH account on file, monthly, on or about the same day of every month, until further notice, for the monthly membership fee associated with the selected membership.

There are no additional fees, gratuity or charges in addition to the monthly fee and one time enrollment except for applicable state taxes.

Client hereby authorizes express check out convenience in which a TBM representative will process service tickets by signing "TBM" on our in-salon visa terminal, in place of the named guest, to complete transactions for services provided. An email receipt will be immediately sent following all transactions. At no time will TBM process payments outside of our standard & posted CANCELLATION POLICY, without verbal OR written consent from the client.

The Beaux Monde Salon Spa, LLC. reserves the right to change membership monthly rates at any time.

Rate changes WILL NOT affect active membership contracts until the end of the contract term.

Active members and clients will be notified 30 days prior to the end of their contract term with written notice if a rate change applies to their current membership at the end of their term. At which time the client reserves the right to NOT RENEW the contract before the new rates are applied, see cancellation terms for details.

Membership Contracts will automatically renew for an additional period of 12 months, at the new membership rate, if no formal cancelation request is received.

TBM will charge a NSF fee of $34.00 for any EFT monthly payment declined and a $40.00 REVERSAL fee for any charge reversed.


Members are permitted to “Freeze” their membership for any reason for up to 3 months total duration, split up to 2 times per calendar year. Example: Freeze 1, 1 month due to vacation & Freeze 2, 2 months due to Maternity leave.

Membership accounts must be in good standing with no outstanding payments to qualify for a freeze.

You must request a membership freeze with 30-day notice and complete our MEMBERSHIP CANCEL/ FREEZE REQUEST form provided at registration, sent to you upon request or found on our website to start the freeze process.

Terms of the membership freeze will begin upon receipt of your completed request form; this process could take up to 7 days.

There will be a $5.00 monthly processing charge for each freeze month charged on your next regular monthly payment date before your account can be frozen.

Freezing your membership does NOT shorten the original contracted term. Freeze durations are deferred to the end of the original term stated in your membership agreement.


Members may cancel their membership at any time for any reason by the following guidelines.

Membership accounts must be in good standing with no outstanding payments or fees to qualify for cancellation.

You must request cancelation with 30-day notice and complete our MEMBERSHIP CANCEL/ FREEZE REQUEST form provided at registration, sent to you upon request or found on our website to start the cancellation process.

Membership fees due within the 30-day cancellation period will process on schedule and are nonrefundable. Member services covered by the final months fee remain redeemable to the member/ client for 30 days from the last member payment before expiring. Should the cancellation be for a medical/ moving reason that prohibits the client from receiving the specified member service, the discounted value of the membership payment will be provided to the client via a TBM gift card for use in the salon for other services.

A cancellation fee of $99 (or up to one month of member fees whichever is less) will be charged for cancellation processing of memberships with more than 90 days remaining on the original contract term. This fee can be waived for members canceling due to moving or a medical condition with sufficient proof via verified lease agreement for a residence outside of 25 miles of our TBM location or a verified notice of recommendation to discontinue services by a medical professional.


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